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Lovely Treasure!  

We are a small hobby cattery located in South Limburg.

Our cattery breeds Siberian traditional and color point cats (Neva Masquerade). Siberians are combined in themselves a kind, tender character and good health with stately calmness and instant reaction of a wild beast. There is less allergy on a coat of these cats. We would like to advice you  to make the  test. Probably you have an allergy on a household dust, but not on a coat.

Our cats are imported  from Russia and Ukraine from Champion Blood lines .
Home raised sweet and sociable kittens will steal your heart at the moment you see them.  We have a variety of colors from traditional to color points. Our magnificent Siberians will  be your favorite pets. Every cat has  his unique personality. 

 Our Siberian kittens are  from healthy, low-allergen parents  free of genetic diseases. You will get a health guarantee, passport, pedigree, contract and a kitten packet together with a kitten.

 Our Siberian kittens are raised in our home and they are wonderful little “helpers” with daily activities. Our kittens get love and attention as part of our family before they become a part of yours! Our cats live as full family members. They are grown with care, tenderness and love!

We know the character and characteristics of  every  our kitten, and we can recommend you a pet according to your preferences.

We sell kittens as pets and only  the best ones we propose for breeding.

Our goal: to raise healthy and happy kittens according to the breed standards.

Each kitten has its own magic and will surely bring joy to your own life and your loved ones. You only have to choose the right one for you and we are here to help you with it!

In the slide-show you can see  cats from our cattery. Some of them live in families, some of them live with us.