Cattery voor Siberische katten en neva masquerade. Siberische kitten te koop in Belgie en Nederland. Beschikbare kittens.

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louis Wuytens
2 months ago

jos stuur eens een mail terug want ik krijg geen antwoord op mijn berichten; gr louis (Boris)

9 months ago

The kittens are really amazing! Mila and Jos put their heart and soul to raise them as lovely and very social kittens. As a very happy owner of Jessica I'm really grateful for their efforts, she is wonderful! Great people who really care about the cats! Thank you!

9 months ago

Top cats! Love!

9 months ago

Какая красота! Такие милые, чудесные котятки, прям так и хочется зацеловать !

Елена Silaya
9 months ago

Очень красивые котята шикарные кошки лакшери

9 months ago

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