Chester Siberian Sapphire                       Sheldon Vistula                                              Lovely Treasure Albert

Our Chester came from Ukraine from the cattery Siberian Sapphire. He is very sweet, lovely, friendly boy. The color of Chester is white. He carries red, gold.

Our Sheldon came from Poland from the cattery Vistula. He is very friendly, lovely and sweet. The color of Sheldon is red silver tabby point.

Albert was born in our cattery from the very good lines of Russia and Ukraine. He is a son of our Chester and  Bereginia Dariya. He is huge, very soft by character and very easy boy.

Marcel Imperial Ji

Our Marsel came from Moscow from the friendly cattery Imperial Ji. He is so lovely and sweet, likes to cuddle, very communicative boy with very friendly character and amazing dark blue eyes. The color of Marsel is blue tabby point.